About Me

When I was a kid I always loved playing make-believe. Whatever show I loved at the time I’d make up my own playtime out of the characters and situations from those shows or films. As I grew up I felt it was a bit silly to continue “playing” and soon I began writing. Initially it was pretty bad fan fiction usually consisting of those shows I’d previously acted out. There came a time when I realized fan fiction was nothing but paint-by-number writing. Fill in the wish fulfillment stuff I wanted into the already created worlds without the need to do the mental work itself. The point of actual writing is to create all worlds and all characters yourself. Not to take something that isn’t yours and form your own world around it. At one point I thought it was time to start creating my own worlds, my own situations, my own sacred space.

After some advice from a teacher who told me “to write”, I decided it was time to begin crafting my own stories. Progress was slow, but rewarding as I formed my own voice. My characters were mine and I didn’t have to worry about someone coming after me for copyright infringement. Being able to at that point putting pen or pencil to paper was both magical, and scary. The magical part was that whatever my mind conjured would soon be available for everyone else to read. The scary part was that whatever my mind conjured would soon be available for everyone else to read. It’s never a happy median. Ever! As the 2000s came in I was faced with some very adult things in my life. My mother was aging quickly and I soon realized any dreams I had were to be put on hold due to her needs above mine. Being her sole caretaker was hard and sometimes emotionally draining, but I kept my soul fed with continuing to plan and outline some of my stories I’d hoped to expand into novels to be self-published. After my mother’s death in 2015 I soon realized I was able to devote all the time I needed to the creation of my worlds, that aforementioned sacred space.

After some personal issues after the death of my mother, I am embarking on a new scary phase of my life. That phase is to finally get down to writing. Crafting the product of my own imagination, research, and love of storytelling into my very own novels. Things you can hold in your very own hands and have a peek into my “darkly hued universe”. I’m not sure how far I’m going to get into this process, only that I’m going to try. I’m not sure if any of the other platforms authors of today engage in are my cup of tea. But I’ll cross that bridge as my journey progresses. I am just so thrilled to finally be able to get down to do my own thing and find my own path when it comes to writing and self publishing. So for now please come along with me on my voyage across those choppy seas called the writing life.

All there’s left to say is, welcome to my world unto itself, a darkly hued universe of sacred space….